Friday, February 17, 2012

Update 2-17-12 - Final Pre-Flashpoint trades, Batman: Black Mirror, Brightest Day, Superman, Green Lantern, Knightfall

The big news, if you haven't already heard, is that the Collected Editions DC Universe Trade Paperback Timeline reading order is now an ebook! The online timeline is great for when you're sitting at your computer, but for those times when you're on an airplane and really wish you could check where a book fits into the timeline (and trust me, this has happened to me!), the ebook is a great mobile, e-reader, or offline alternative to the original timeline. Check it out at Smashwords.

Today, the online DC TPB Timeline has been updated to match the ebook (except for the ebook-exclusive introduction by yours truly). Among the updates are a new, streamlined table of contents that more closely matches the history of the DC Universe (organized largely by events, though the timeline of course includes both crossover-related and "on their own" trades), which will make it easier to find what you're looking for and explore different eras on the timeline.

This new update also adds 40 books to the timeline, including all the final trades of the "old" DC Universe before the DC New 52 reboot (and those books are coming to the timeline, promise!). We have the conclusion of "Batman Reborn," including Batman: Black Mirror, Golden Dawn, Gates of Gotham, and Batman, Inc.; we've got Superman: Reign of Doomsday and all its tie-ins; we've got the conclusion of Brightest Day and Justice League: Generation Lost; War of the Green Lanterns, Flashpoint, and much, much more. The timeline now organizes over 800 DC Comics collections

So go ahead, check out your best source for how to read the DC Universe in order -- the DC Universe Trade Paperback Timeline. And don't forget, for all your timeline needs on the go, we proudly welcome the DC TPB Timeline ebook to the family. Thanks!

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